What the heck is a Jotterbook?

What the heck is a Jotterbook?

When I was 15, I stumbled upon an old second-hand bookstore in Freo. As a student without much money, I edged past towers of dusty hardbacks and cobwebbed shelves, until I found a stack of old magazines going for $2 each.

In amongst tattered pages of the National Geographic and Times, I caught a glimpse of pastel pink. It was a gorgeous cover with a painted portrait of a girl wearing blue polka dots, staring straight at me underneath big words spelling ‘f-r-a-n-k-i-e’.

Immediately, I fell in love.

As I knelt down in that bookshop flipping through page after page of beautiful illustrations and stories of creative living, I thought to myself: “One day, I’m going to be featured in frankie magazine”.

Over a decade later, my dream came true. I got to chat with the editors at frankie about Jotterbook Flowers. This short-form interview was part of the December 2022 frankie ‘strictly business’ newsletter; a resource for all creative business owners.

In it, I share about how it felt to open my first Etsy store, how paper flowers first became a part of my life, and most importantly, what the heck a ‘jotterbook’ even is:

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