Our Team

Flower founder

Carrissa Wu

Growing up as a shy child, Carrissa relied on drawing pictures and writing stories to express herself, connect with others and overcome social anxiety.

The therapeutic nature of art-making continues to help her through life's challenges and drives her passion to share the art of paper flowers with others. 

Carrissa lives with her husband Nick and two cats Olive and Sandie. She once kept 30 frogs as pets.

Favourite flower: Mimosa Pudica, or 'shy plants', whose leaves close up when touched

See more of her art at: @jotterbookflowers on Instagram

creative workshop specialist

Claire Molloy

Claire is an artist and graphic designer, based in Fremantle, who creates works in a variety of media including acrylic paint, sculpture and digital design. She was worked as a graphic designer for over a decade and her artworks have been exhibited at Sculpture by the Sea, Studio 11 and David Giles art gallery.

Claire lives with her son, partner and cat in Fremantle and enjoys dancing and travelling in her spare time.

She loves being a studio assistant and host at JBF because it enables her to connect with people and facilitate a relaxing, nurturing experience. She enjoys helping people explore their creative side.

Claire is a closeted Star Trek fan and has been bungee jumping 4 times.

Favourite flower: Passionflower

creative workshop specialist

Crystal Juett

Crystal describes herself as a 24 year old work-in-progress, going where life takes her & making wonderful memories along the way.

Just a typical Freo gal, you’ll find her riding around town listening to music, catching up with friends at Creatures, or down at the beach enjoying the sun. She also has a small business on the side where she sells handmade candles, spell jars, art prints & affirmation cards in the near future! You might even catch her dressed up as a fairy painting faces on the weekend!

Being surrounded by colourful flowers all day & hosting workshops where guests find their inner artist & leave feeling proud of themselves, brings Crystal so much joy. “I cannot believe I get to make flowers & teach others how to for a living, this is honestly my dream job.”

Crystal does all her own tattoos & has done so for friends as well.

Favourite flower: Foxgloves

See more of her art at: @the_loving_crystal on Instagram

creative workshop specialist

Grace Yong

Grace is an emerging Malaysian-Chinese artist currently residing and creating in Boorloo (Perth). Currently a Fine Arts student at Curtin, her ever-evolving art practice draws from the diverse and numerous contexts and interests she has engaged in. As a massive extrovert, Grace enjoys meeting new people and is very excited to share her passion for the arts!

Favourite flower: Sunflowers
See more of her art at: @grace_y on Instagram

Paper Flower Artisan

Eileen Rhoads

Eileen is married with three beautiful and spoiled cats, Margie, Tilly, and Violet. Art and craft has been a life-long passion for Eileen. Starting from a young age, she has always wanted to work in either the artistic community or helping people. Working at Jotterbook Flowers, she gets the best of both worlds!

Outside of Jotterbook Flowers, Eileen works a day-time Monday to Friday job for a well-known company. Eileen has her own small creative business, Paper Daisy Studio, where she makes handmade jewellery from polymer clay, glass beads, and upcycled fabrics, scrapbook pieces, paper, and whatever else takes her fancy! Eileen also makes trinket dishes and wall hangings from air-dry clay, and will be adding handbuilt ceramic (kiln-fired) bowls, cups, trinket dishes and curio shelves to her inventory later in 2023.

Eileen started out as a Creative Workshop Specialist and Studio Assistant in 2022, but recently decided to take a more behind-the-scenes role as a Paper Flower Artisan, creating beautiful flowers and prepping for upcoming workshops.

Favourite flower: Hydrangeas
See more fo her art at: @paperdaisy_studio on Instagram

Social Media Extraordinaire

Jacq Nalo

Jacq is married and has an 11 year old son (Brandon). She’s a stay-at-home working mum who loves to multitask - it’s a demanding but rewarding job at the same time!

Outside JBF, she also manages the social media page for their auto-detailing business.

Working with Carrissa and the rest of the team is truly a blessing to her. They have inspired her to never underestimate the power of art and creative community. She also loves that JBF provides a safe space for everyone.

Your girl is an adventurous one! She’s into cliff diving and ziplining.

Favourite flower: Pink roses