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Enchanted Paper Fairy-Orchid Dome with Coffee & Cake

Enchanted Paper Fairy-Orchid Dome with Coffee & Cake

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Escape the Christmas chaos and find your inner calm at this relaxing art workshop.

Create your own mini forest of native Pink Fairy Orchids artfully arranged in a gold glass dome while enjoying coffee & cake.


New dates available:

Saturday 2 Dec 2023, 9am-1pm (3 spots left)

Saturday 30 Dec 2023, 9am-1pm

Sunday 21 Jan 2024, 2023, 9am-1pm

Look after yourself to love others better.


About the workshop

In just one afternoon, you'll create a magical mini garden of native Pink Fairy Orchids out of premium Italian crepe paper, 'planted' on a mossy green landscape within your very own glass dome. 

You'll leave the world behind and find genuine rest in our magical studio, with giant flowers dancing overhead and delicious Christmas-themed food and drinks to enjoy.

By learning all of our secret tips and tricks, you'll be equipped with lifelong skills in paper flower-making, and go home with your finished artwork to gift, display and enjoy this festive season and for years to come.



Tickets include

  • Coffee and cake in handmade ceramic tableware to keep you nourished (valued at $55)
  • Exclusive coaching from our expert paper artists to inspire you with confidence and a lifetime of skills (valued at $170)
  • Premium Italian-made materials so that your paper flowers last forever (valued at $65)
  • Your own glass dome on a gold base to display & protect your artwork (valued at $35.00)
  • Use of all our artist grade studio tools so that you can create your best work (valued at $75) 
  • Our personal material resource list emailed to you so you can continue crafting at home (valued at $25)
  • complimentary hand-picked gift to inspire many more moments of creativity (valued at $25)
  • Your finished artwork beautifully wrapped with a polaroid photo of you and/or your loved ones to remember the day (valued at $35)
  • Ticket price: $257.00 (total value: $485.00) 


      Our promise

      You won’t go home with a carbon-copy of everyone else’s artwork that looks like something from Kmart. Your Everlasting Paper Flower Dome will be completely yours, unique and beautiful, just like flowers in nature.

      Our experts will teach you not only instructions, but skills, so you can gain a true understanding of our craft, including a list to the exact resources and materials used.

      Walk away with a completely finished artwork that’ll bring you joy for years to come, as well as a lasting feeling of peace which will allow you to treat yourselves and those you love more gently.

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