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Orchid Kokedamas with Coffee & Cake - Saturday 2 March or 20 April

Orchid Kokedamas with Coffee & Cake - Saturday 2 March or 20 April

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Transform your space into a tropical paradise by creating your own everlasting, zero-maintenance Paper Orchid Kokedamas while enjoying delicious coffee & cake. 

All sessions are 4 hours long (the time goes by so quickly!), and are hosted in Jotterbook Flowers studio, 10 Stack Street Fremantle WA 6160 (free parking and wheelchair access available). 


In just one morning, you'll create a stunning Paper Orchid Kokedama with a sprig of tropical purple flowers, buds and 'mossy' roots. Your kokedama can be displayed hanging or resting on a decorative bowl, bringing nature back into your space. 

The best part about paper flowers is that they're completely fuss-free so you get to enjoy everlasting, beautiful blooms without worrying about watering, mold and spider mites.

You'll leave the world behind and find genuine rest in our magical studio, with giant flowers dancing overhead and delicious food and drinks to enjoy. 

Knowledge required

This workshop is beginner-friendly, we'll walk you through the process step-by-step. (Experts are welcome too, of course.)


  • Coffee and cake in handmade ceramic tableware to keep you nourished,
  • Use of all our artist grade studio tools so that you can create your best work,
  • Exclusive coaching from our expert paper artists to inspire you with confidence and a lifetime of skills,
  • 4 hours of relaxing creativity to ignite your inner artist, 
  • Exclusive seat set aside for you in our magical Fremantle studio within the Stackwood building,
  • Premium Italian-made materials so that your paper flowers last forever,
  • Meaningful connection with like-minded creatives as you shape each petal and leaf by hand.

What you'll get

  • Your completely finished Orchid Kokedama to take home and bring nature back into your space, 
  • A complimentary hand-picked gift to inspire many more moments of creativity,
  • Jotterbook Flowers' personal material resource list emailed to you so you can continue crafting at home.
  • A printed polaroid photo of you and/or your guests to remember the day by,
  • A lasting feeling of peace which will allow you to treat yourselves and those you love more gently.

What to bring: Yourself & your creativity! 

This workshop is suitable for teens aged 14+ and adults.

      Our promise

      You'll walk away with a completely unique, finished artwork that’ll bring you joy for years to come, as well as a lasting feeling of peace which will allow you to treat yourselves and those you love more gently.

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